Podcast - Supermorpheus, India’s first community driven fund

Sameer Guglani
September 25, 2023
May 14, 2024

A founder’s role is challenging, requiring expertise in multiple enterprises. From funding to hiring, it is entirely the onus of the founder to convert visions into reality.

In today’s episode, we’ve brought Sameer Guglani, Founder of Supermorpheus, a Community-driven seed investing platform, to simplify the founder’s role and expand it beyond finance to foster the entire Startup team’s well being. Supermorpheus (the evolution of Morpheus) is a curated global community of founders and folks in the startup space focussing on consciousness-driven creation of Startups and wealth with 350+ founders and 40+ investments.

During this episode, Sameer talks about how startups need to focus on integral growth, optimizing startups for the long run, and prioritizing excellence over the competition.

3:12 Birth of Supermorpheus

29:12 Fundamental Changes in the Indian Startup Ecosystem

33:00 Role of Financial freedom in Sameer’s Journey

38:49 Time spent on self-development

43:17 Similar Patterns observed among founders

Full transcript : https://neon.fund/podcasts/super-morpheus-indias-first-community-based-fund-ft-sameer-guglani/

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